Scroll below for my answers to frequently asked questions: 

What's your experience in the music industry?

Since I was 17, I've worked within the music industry (I'm currently 33). It's all I know. Recently someone asked me to do a break down of all the roles I've worked... and it totalled 16 roles! Thanks to the sheer volume of my industry experience, my knowledge and skills are vast, which I believe effectively equips me to advise and support you in your own journey within what, at times, can be a confusing and complicated industry. Not that I believe one's success (neither yours or mine) is determined by the brands they work with, some people who connect with me do ask about this. So, if this is what you're looking for; I continue to work with artists, songwriters and producers signed to the three majors (Universal, Sony and Warner), as well as with organisations as varied as the BBC, Relentless Energy and Manchester International Festival.

Is 'Coffee' with Mike really a free service?

Yes! I do not believe that price should be a barrier to gaining some initial advice and support. The best music lawyers in the world have the same outlook. When you're spending your hard-earned cash as creative, you should always be as well-informed about a service as possible, to ensure you are getting value for money, beforehand. My promise is that I will always offer a limited amount of 20 minute slots for free, for those creatives who are working hard to fulfil their goals, but may need some external advice and support to steer them in their journey. If you enjoy and benefit from your 'Coffee' meeting, all I ask is that you consider recommending me to an equally hard-working, fellow creative that you know. It's nice to be nice. Spread the knowledge.

Are you qualified to give legal advice?

Whilst I've spent 15 years reading and signing music industry contracts and agreements, plus continually reading on the subject and working alongside lawyers up and down the country... to be crystal clear, I am not a qualified legal professional. If however, from having a 'Coffee' or 'Lunch' with me, I believe you're in need of some legal fire-power, I am partnered with one of the best independent law firms out there, who specifically specialise in music and enternainment industry matters, SSB Solicitors, London. With an introduction from myself, you are able to receive a free 15 minute phone call, plus a 10% discount on any work you engage SSB to carry out on your behalf... which should go a long way to quashing any legal concerns you have, going forward.

What's all this 'Coffee' and 'Lunch' business?

Certainly in the music industry at least, strategy meetings often involve some sort of coffee or lunch... hence why the terms 'Coffee' and 'Lunch' are part of the online services I offer, essentially to highlight my shorter and longer meeting options! By offering my services online, I'm able to have several more 'Coffee' and 'Lunch' meeting every week, which is great, as I love to meet and work with new people. As you may have seen on the Contact page, my meetings typically run on Facetime or Skype, as default. That said, should I happen to be in the same city as you (I rotate between Manchester, London and Amsterdam) and you'd like to meet for an in-person coffee, or lunch, just request this in the text box when you book and hopefully we can make schedules align.

Can I include my band/manager in our conversation?

Absolutely. If you'd like to include one or more of your trusted inner circle in our conversation, I'm all for that. Do just be mindful that if you only have a 'Coffee' appointment, however, you may want to narrow down the conversation to a clear 2-3 points before we speak, just to ensure you get the most out of our time together.

Is Sound with Mike for me?

I offer my time for hard-working creatives who are in need of some additional advice and support to assist them in meeting their personal and professional goals in the music industry. It's really that simple. You could be operating in a entirely DIY capacity, be signed to a indie or major label/publisher, or have management - but feel the need for a second opinion... for me, the bottom line is that you're spending a good chunk of your week trying to further your profile and career as a creative. If this sounds like you, I'm already looking forward to hearing from you!